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Category: Health and Wellness

Active Lifestyle Nov20th 2020

5 Activities To Lead a More Active Lifestyle

To stay as healthy as possible it’s important to lead an active lifestyle. Becoming more active isn’t difficult. It’s just a matter of finding activities you enjoy that you can take part in on a regular basis. Call Austin Manual Therapy Associates to find out how a physical therapy program can help you maintain maximum

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Activities Jun22nd 2020

Get Back to the Activities You Once Loved With Physical Therapy!

Can’t Live Life on Your Own Terms? Turn to Physical Therapy for Help That oil painting you started way back when still awaits the finishing touches. You bought a guitar last year, but you can’t stand the thought of trying to play it. Your golf friends wonder if you’re ever going to join them for

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Motion is Lotion Nov4th 2019

Motion is Lotion

“Motion is Lotion” is a phrase I use in the clinic on a daily basis. I wanted to take a moment to explain to everyone why “motion is lotion” and the importance of appropriate movement to help our bodies heal when our tissues are inflamed. There are 3 phases of tissue healing. Inflammatory Response Repair

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physical therapy Austin TX Aug6th 2019

Re-Defining Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Unfortunately, very few truly understand what orthopedic physical therapy is, and those that think they do, rarely agree. I hear it all the time: “What stretches should I do?” “Do you do trigger point release?” “Will dry needling fix my problem?” “My other clinic used ultrasound and E-stem, do you even have a theragun?” I

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Tight Hamstrings May1st 2019

Tight Hamstrings

Are your “hamstrings tight”? Is stretching making your symptoms worse? Did you know that it might not actually be your hamstrings limiting your flexibility or causing pain? There is a big nerve running down the back of your thigh alongside the hamstring muscle group called the sciatic nerve. It can get irritated with trauma, repeated

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Move Efficiently Away From Injections

Mar22nd 2019

On a daily basis, the few questions I get asked more often than “How old are you?” or “How long have you been doing this?” are, “Should I get a steroid injection?” or more frequently, “Why did the steroid injections not help with my ____ pain?” The utilization of corticosteroid injections for musculoskeletal pain management

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