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Activities Jun22nd 2020

Get Back to the Activities You Once Loved With Physical Therapy!

Can’t Live Life on Your Own Terms? Turn to Physical Therapy for Help That oil painting you started way back when still awaits the finishing touches. You bought a guitar last year, but you can’t stand the thought of trying to play it. Your golf friends wonder if you’re ever going to join them for

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Physical Therapy and Pregnancy Feb3rd 2020

Physical Therapy and Pregnancy

An instructor at a recent course that I attended for my fellowship training brought up a great point. He said “ It’s ridiculous that we treat patients for every other pain in their body but when a woman goes through 9+ months of physical changes, including stretching of abdominal muscles, increased hormone levels that lead

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physical therapy Austin TX Aug6th 2019

Re-Defining Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Unfortunately, very few truly understand what orthopedic physical therapy is, and those that think they do, rarely agree. I hear it all the time: “What stretches should I do?” “Do you do trigger point release?” “Will dry needling fix my problem?” “My other clinic used ultrasound and E-stem, do you even have a theragun?” I

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