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Pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice

May25th 2018

I first heard this saying spoken by Dr. Laurie Hartman, DO at the annual conference provided by The American Academy Of Manual Physical Therapists in San Antonio, Texas, about four years ago. I have subsequently discovered it is a widely-known phrase that has been used in many instances and by many individuals in various contexts.

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Golf – Let’s Get BACK Into the Swing of Things

Apr30th 2018

Spring is in the air, birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and Texas is showing off its bright blue skies and sunny days. What does this mean?? IT’S GOLF SEASON. Winter has come and gone and it’s time for you to hit the links! Golf has always been a passion of mine, and is

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When Should I Go See A Physical Therapist?

Apr17th 2018

As physical therapists we often hear patients ask questions such as, “why didn’t I come in before?” or “if I had come in right after this happened I’d have been better by now, right?” Most folks dealing with an injury have usually waited for several weeks employing the age old adage “I can work IT

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Plantar Fasciitis… or is it?

Jun6th 2017

Have you ever taken a step first thing in the morning and felt like you had a sharp knife stabbing you in the heel? Have you gone on a long walk to find hours later you have a burning or aching pain along the bottom or backside of your heel? Heel pain is by far

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The Science Behind Pain

May10th 2017

Pain is a common occurrence.  Except for those rare individuals who have no sense of pain, everyone else will experience some sort of physical discomfort in their lifetime.  According to data synthesized from information provided by The Manual Therapy Institute and Physiotherapist David Butler, the simple concept that tissues must be injured to cause pain

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Crossfit and Manual Therapy

Oct18th 2016

How can Manual Therapy benefit Crossfit City Limits’ members in their quest for “ultimate fitness”?  And what is Manual Therapy?  These are sample questions many people have about our physical therapy practice at Austin Manual Therapy, and why we show up at Crossfit City Limits every few weeks with a table set up for injury

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Now Get Out There and Exercise!

Jan11th 2010

Ah 2018, we will miss you! You were fun, stressful, exciting, scary and all of the other adjectives wrapped into 365 days of pure madness! Alas you are gone and a New Year is here! And with that comes new opportunities to grow and change. Most of us use the beginning of the year to

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