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Pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice

I first heard this saying spoken by Dr. Laurie Hartman, DO at the annual conference provided by The American Academy Of Manual Physical Therapists in San Antonio, Texas, about four years ago. I have subsequently discovered it is a widely-known phrase that has been used in many instances and by many individuals in various contexts. Nevertheless, it gave me a renewed interest in striving to further help our physical therapy patients accept this concept: Experiencing pain without truly suffering.

For a lot of people, orthopedic pain is an experience as common as breathing. What to do about this pain is the driving force behind countless analgesic pharmaceutical commercials, as well as seemingly endless infomercials about the latest gadget that will make pain disappear without any real effort. The heart of this axiom in deciding whether to attempt to relieve the pain itself, or to seek to discover the primary cause of the pain.

Manual Therapists, Physical Therapists who are fully credentialed Physical Therapists in the specialty of Manual Therapy, strive to find what we frequently call finding the “cause of the cause”. The designation ‘Manual Therapist’ indicates this is someone who has received the highest level of Orthopedic Physical Therapy training available.

What does this mean for the general public attempting to proactively determine their best course of action to fight pain? As a fully credentialed Manual Therapist, I am partial to recommending you come to our clinic, Austin Manual Therapy Associates. We have some of the very finest Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists in Austin. The level of training is more than most Orthopedic Physical Therapists will seek, as it is equally as grueling as it is time-consuming to complete.

Regardless of whether you choose Austin Manual Therapy Associates, I would like to offer a little advice when seeking the best physical therapy care for your aches and pains.

  • Do your research. I know it is easier to get word-of-mouth advice from social media forums, as well as public review sites, but you can also look for the credentials of the therapist you are seeking through the Texas Physical Therapy Association, including any disciplinary issues of any particular therapist. Also, I would recommend to seek a Physical Therapist that has the FAAOMPT credentials…the best of the best. In any case, find out as much as you can about that therapist before proceeding.
  • Be Realistic. Especially about promises made by a practitioner offering to have you pain-free within 2-3 visits when you have had this dysfunction and pain for years. Usually, if it seems too good to be true, it is. Instead, seek consultation from a number of therapists until you find the one who seems to understand your pain and has a plan that is unique to your needs. You deserve that consideration.
  • Be actively vested in your recovery. The details you provide to your Physical Therapist will enhance the rationale for their recovery plan for you. The behavior of pain is often one of the most telling aspects in leading to the best treatment method.
  • Finally, be strong. Pain is designed to get your attention that something is not right. Physical Therapy has been shown to be the first choice for pain control. If you want the best care, you have to search for it. Manual Therapists can provide the highest quality of Orthopedic Physical Therapy care, and we assure you that we offer the best Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists at Austin Manual Therapy Associates. Give us a call at (512) 832-9411. Remember, “Suffering is a choice”. Choose wisely.


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