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Patient Testimonials

  • Casey Hamilton is a fantastic PT. Not only did he fix my knee problem, but constantly educated me while he worked on me to help me understand my body, my muscles, little things I could do to improve myself etc. I only needed to see him for about 2 months, twice a week, but that gave me a great start toward my new years resolutions of getting to the gym and exercising more to keep my body healthy into my retirement years. Thanks Casey, You ROCK.

    - Donna B.
  • I saw Casey Hamilton for hip pain I was experiencing for over a year. The hip pain turned out to be a labrum tear (which requires surgical intervention) that I wasn’t able to get for a few months until I moved.

    Casey is a fantastic physical therapist. He used a variety of modalities to treat my hip pain (soft tissue work, joint mobilization, exercise prescription, dry needling, etc.) He went beyond trying to simply treat my hip pain and tried to help my muscles fire correctly and more efficiently and correct any muscle imbalances so I can ward off problems like this in the future. He also understood how important activity is to my daily life (I teach fitness classes for a living) and made every effort to help me stay as active as possible during this time. He also does a great job educating on HOW and WHY things work, instead of just telling you that they do.

    Casey has a genuine passion for physical therapy and his clients and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    - Anonymous Patient
  • Knowledgeable, patient, and informative. That is how I describe Casey and Crystal (his lovely assistant) at the Barton Springs location. Casey listens and is honest when it comes to the struggles and realities involved with treatment. Would absolutely go again if I have other issues. I never felt like I was getting shooed out of there and they were always willing to listen and appeared genuinely concerned with my pace and progress. Hats off to Austin Manual Therapy!

    Note: I had a torn ligament in my ankle and lower back pain.

    - Velissa C.
  • EXCELLENT physical therapy methodology and Casey is an excellent physical therapist. This has been the most sustainable solution to my chronic neck pain from herniated disks. I was taught exercises to strengthen and stabilize the affected area and prevent future flare-ups of pain.

    - Sierra C.
  • GREAT EXPERIENCE, GREAT LOCATION Casey has a different way of approaching physical therapist than I had experienced in the past. I had been limited in walking with ankle and feet problems. With a trip to Greece on the horizon, we came up with a plan. Casey did a complete evaluation with baseline test. After a few months, and a successful trip we evaluated again, and validate what I already knew. The therapy worked great. I recommend him often to everyone that will listen. Planning my next trip. Thanks Casey

    - Lee W.
  • Casey did a great job getting me back to running! He is very patient and takes the time to understand what your problems are, what your “normal” is like, and what is the true cause of your issue. He helped identify the underlying causes of my injury and gave me exercises that helped soothe the symptoms and lessen the likelihood of them returning. Additionally he is really good at explaining the exercises and giving you documents and photos to ensure you are doing them correctly at home.

    - Tanner H.
  • Great staff, interactive and makes the visit enjoyable. I had a hip replaced and they were great at strengthening the joint and increasing range of motion. Will go back when my other hip needs replacing. (Hoping that’s not necessary, of course!).

    - Wayne M.
  • I’ve been seeing Julia Lapo about a chronic injury for a few weeks now. Julia is the third physical therapist I have consulted on the issue, and the first to make progress: great progress, in fact.

    Julia’s treatment is always prompt, energetic, and delivered with a smile. My injury involves multiple body parts and Julia evolves her treatment to handle each one as the situation changes. She answers all my questions with the utmost concern and care. She keeps exercises challenging but not unreasonable.

    My injury has persisted for 3 years and through countless visits to physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, massage therapists, and pain management doctors. Julia Lapo is the first among these many specialists to give my injury the personalized and persistent treatment that it needs. I cannot recommend her and this office enough. I look forward to continued work with her.

    Thanks Julia!

    - Andrew S.

  • After experiencing an intensely painful and sudden problem with my back, my friends convinced me to give physical therapy a try and suggested Austin Manual Therapy. Within the first few minutes of my first appointment, PT Julia was able to spot and explain the major issue causing my pain, and went through a set of movements that made a huge difference for me before I even left the office. She provided a series of exercises and movements for me to do at home, and added to them gradually in future visits. She was easy to talk to, explained things clearly, and made the whole physically painful experience super pleasant. I’m no longer in Austin, but would absolutely recommend this thoughtful and professional practice to anyone who is in the area. Thank you to Julia and everyone at AMT!

    - Emma S.
  • Been there one time with my son who has flat feet. The guy has honest and did not take our money or insurance. Taught my son how to walk/run correctly. I was very pleased!

    - Chepa D.
  • James did an awesome job of getting my son back on the field when he had a couple of different sports injuries. Fast and effective results!

    - Cheri F.
  • I cannot say enough good things about this place. They are professionals that treat you like family and work hard to get you feeling great again. They are smart, compassionate and motivating – this team never stops amazing me with their talent, innovation, and success. You can see it in their eyes and know that in their hearts they are going to help you be the best version of you that you can possibly be.

    I feel so lucky that this team, and especially my therapist Jackie, helps me crush it each and every appointment and provides me with the tools to keep moving ahead in between visits. She knew that I get back long before I ever did and that is part of her incredible talent. Her confidence in you makes you feel unstoppable and builds your confidence to keep pushing ahead.

    You can’t help but feel confident knowing that this amazing sqaud will be there to help you succeed and will never let you fail. If you are looking for a partner and best in class team to help you rehab post surgery, injury or to relieve chronic pain – look no further than the rockstars at Austin Manual Therapy Associates.

    From the moment you walk in and meet their welcoming front desk staff (#TeamAwesome) you will know that you have found your tribe and will never look elsewhere. More importantly, you will never look back. These are the experts you want in your corner to achieve all of your goals including the ones they help you create and the goals you didn’t even know you wanted. Why are you still reading this? Call them now

    - Valerie T.
  • I have worked with the professionals and the amazing support team at Austin Manual Therapy for greater than 15 years! I have been a patient and have referred patients. Every time they have healed and strengthened! Thank you for your service to the Austin community!

    - Donna S.
  • More of a “thank you” than a review, guys, for the great job you did to my ankle. Thank you James and Leeda, I’m so glad I got into your hands! You are amazing, and I definitely will tell anyone I know has similar injuries to reach out to you and see if you can help them.

    - Clement M.
  • I love these people so much!! Elaine put got me back on my feet after I broke my ankle. We are back again after my daughter hurt her foot. The entire team is so professional but they make you feel like family. I would recommend them to anyone!

    - Ana B.
  • The team at Austin Manual Therapy is amazing! BEST place for PT ever. Leeda not only helped me achieve full healing after knee surgery but also taught me better ways to use muscles when walking / sitting to help prevent additional injury. Plus their team is like a friendly family. If you need physical therapy, don’t look anywhere else.

    - Kim R.
  • Just great people doing great work!!! I was a week away from back surgery and avoided it with the professional and compassionate care of Leeda Rasoulian at Austin Manual Therapy!! I can’t recommend this team enough.

    - Alan S.
  • I have had miracles (in my mind) happen here. I have had work on a sciatic nerve and shoulder and both experiences were wonderful. I learned a lot about my physiology as a result of their interactions.

    - Scott B.
  • Ben is amazing. I picked his brain and he is always willing to share his knowledge, which is vast! He has helped me through torn plantar fascia, shoulder surgery, knee replacement and hip replacement. I am now a new woman!

    - Jeri M.
  • Thanks to Austin Manual Therapist, Tommie Baugh for being amazing, professional and knowledgeable! Our daughter is herself again! Highly Recommend this group and trainer!

    - Erica H.
  • Julia at the downtown Austin location helped me recover from a severe shoulder injury. She is knowledgeable and taught me so much. I’m stronger. My range of motion is better and pain is drastically reduced. Now I have tools to improve on my own and skills to help relieve pain & inflammation when I need it. Very grateful.

    - Kristin M.
  • James Harris (co-founder) is absolutely the best diagnostician I have encountered in the physical therapy field. When I had what many physicians and surgeons were convinced was a hernia, James was the first to correctly diagnose it as a groin injury and helped me rehab to 100%. Under his and also-excellent co-founder Benjamin Keene’s tutelage, many other skilled PTs work under the same guiding philosophies. Whenever a new injury arises, it’s a slam-dunk decision as to where to go back for the proper care.

    - Arieh S.
  • I was referred to Austin Manual Therapy by my orthapaedist after I had lateral meniscus repair. I’ve been seeing David at AMTA, twice a week for the first couple of weeks, and now just once a week since I’m progressing well.

    I was really impressed with how David didn’t concentrate just on the knee itself, but on my hip and ankle motion and how that contributes to ongoing knee problems. I have bunions, flat feet, and am slightly knock-kneed, and all of this contributes to me overpronating and effing up my knees. We worked on knee mobility and strengthening of course, but we’ve also worked on hip and foot arch exercises to protect me from having knee problems in the future.

    As others have noted, they do have overlapping appointments here (hour-long appointments, but new patients arriving each half hour), but that’s never been a detriment to my therapy. David spends the first few minutes of our hour doing mobility manipulation on my knee, then we work through a few exercises. Typically he shows me an exercise and has me work on it for a few minutes while he’s helping his other patient. It works quite smoothly and keeps the therapists busy.

    - Christine M.
  • The people here are great, the people at the front and the therapists really seem to care and, the therapists are attentive and knowledgeable. Elaine got my back in shape and helped me keep it that way.

    - Alain A.
  • I’ve been going to Austin Manual Therapy on Far West Blvd for the last 8 months for a chronic issue that ultimately will need to be resolved through surgery. Throughout that time I came to know many of the staff there and always felt welcomed by the therapists, the hardworking interns, and the front desk staff (a shout out to Sarah, Adrienne, and Ryland). I was fortunate enough to have Leeda Rasoulian as my therapist and I can’t say enough good things about her. Patience with my many questions, empathy for my situation, and always exhibiting an optimistic outlook. I am sure that all of the therapist there are as good as Leeda but if you want someone really special ask for Leeda.

    - Bill R.
  • I had a long-lasting ankle injury that just wouldn’t go away; finally when I decided to fix this I was referred to AMTA by a friend, and I will say I’m very happy I got in their hands.

    I enjoyed every time I was there, first with Dr. Harris, and then with Leeda who took such a good care of me. They explained everything they were doing to my foot and why they were doing it – and their knowledge is extremely deep, you can see it because they say what they see and how to fix it and when you start fixing it it just works! And one thing I want to point out is that on the first visit Dr. Harris said “I see exactly what is happening with your foot, and if you do what we tell you – we will fix it”. It’s always a great sign to hear this kind of reassurance and confidence from a doctor.

    My ankle is so much better, of course it’s a long way to go still to make it perfect, but I know where to go and how.

    Thank you very much, guys, I really was a bit sorry to end the therapy.

    - Klim M.
  • I’m writing a review for the location on Barton Springs Road. They are very nice folks here, very accommodating and super friendly and very good at what they do. I highly recommend them.

    - Donna W.
  • We are so happy and thankful to Ben Keene, who helped us gain our life back! My wife had chronic pelvic pain after delivery. We had seen so many doctors and even physical therapists who specialize in this area. We struggled for more than 2 years but not really solve the problem until we were recommended to see Ben! Within 6 months, my wife feels 95% better and is able to do almost whatever she did before. We highly recommend Ben and Austin Manual Therapy Associates to anyone!

    - Marko M.
  • I began my journey to recovery with Leeda in February of this year. She has been patient, kind and a wonderful therapist all around. I am excited to announce that today we made our final progress and I no longer need to continue therapy. Though I will miss our weekly chats, I am happy to have worked with her on my healing journey. I highly recommend Austin Manual Therapy and if you luck out with Leeda; even better! Thank you for all that you do, Leeda. You are a rock star!

    - Jessica L.
  • I’ve had to seek PT on three different occasions in the past 5 years. (Getting old sucks!) Bruised cuboid bone, knee, and lower back issues. All three have been with AMTA.

    This is a great team! I’ve had a different therapist every time (including a student therapist guided by a permanent therapist). I believe in the hands on learning approach and fully support the student therapists.

    What I like most is the homework they give you and the chance to practice the exercises with correcting suggestions in office during the exercise portion of the session. This means your recovery is not only on the therapist but also on you. The more you listen to them and the more you employ the techniques and exercises in your off time, the quicker you heal!

    Cheers to a great team at AMTA!

    - Kendra M.
  • Rolando (Roli) helped me recover from a broken metatarsal and toe and get back on the soccer field. He was really professional but easy going at the same time. I would recommend AMTA and Rolando to anyone, but especially someone who’d like to get back into the game as quickly as possible.

    - Nick N.
  • I saw Julia at AMTA [Barton Springs] for both a pinched nerve in my neck and rehab after knee surgery. She’s very good at balancing pushing you when you need to get pushed to work hard (after knee surgery) and easing up so you don’t hurt yourself. She varied my exercises during appointments so they wouldn’t get boring and also gave me modifications to do at home so that I didn’t get frustrated. I have not worked with Olivia, the other PT there, but she also appears to be very good at giving a variety of exercises. I have never seen either of them start an appointment late. Adrienne, the admin assistant is also personable and takes care of insurance issues and answers the phone–usually on the first ring, and calls back promptly if you leave a message. I highly recommend this place to anyone getting knee replacement.

    - Mary V.