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Category: Manual therapy

Manual Therapy Feb20th 2021

A Hands-On Approach to Treatment: Manual Therapy for Effective Pain Relief

Did You Know You Could Benefit from Our Manual Therapy Services? Manual therapy, also referred to as hands-on therapy, can be described as a method in which licensed physical therapists use targeted hand movements to place pressure on specific areas of a patient’s body. Pressure is applied to the affected area(s) of the body, as

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Knee & Hip Pain Oct20th 2020

Physical Therapy Can Help With Your Knee & Hip Pain

At any given time, millions of Americans are going through their day with a chronically painful hip or knee. According to the 2006 National Health Interview Survey prepared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, knee and hip pain was reported by almost a combined 30 percent of respondents. If you’re someone struggling with

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Back Pain May5th 2020

What do you think is causing your back pain? Could it be a herniated disc? Find out.

Has anyone ever told you they have a “slipped disc”? This term is actually a misnomer, since discs don’t really “slip” but either degenerate, bulge, or herniate. Fortunately, a physical therapist can treat all these issues! The latter condition, called a disc herniation, occurs when the outer layer of the disc tears. This allows the

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