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Category: Stretching

Stretching Jan10th 2021

Why Stretching Is A Critical Part Of Your Physical Therapy Treatment

Do you stretch regularly? If you don’t, you could be increasing your risk of an injury in the future. Because chances are, you have at least some joints or areas in your body that are not as flexible and mobile as they could be. But what happens if you’re not sure where your specific mobility

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Stretching Sep10th 2019

Is Stretching the Cure to Your Pain?

Many people believe that stretching is important to maintain motion, prevent muscle soreness, prevent injuries, and alleviate pain. Have you ever heard someone say, “I tweaked ___. I must not have stretched enough beforehand.” As physical therapists, we are frequently asked questions about stretching . “Should I stretch before or after exercise?” “I stretch all the time, but

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