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Anonymous Patient

Jan23rd 2021

I saw Casey Hamilton for hip pain I was experiencing for over a year. The hip pain turned out to be a labrum tear (which requires surgical intervention) that I wasn’t able to get for a few months until I moved.

Casey is a fantastic physical therapist. He used a variety of modalities to treat my hip pain (soft tissue work, joint mobilization, exercise prescription, dry needling, etc.) He went beyond trying to simply treat my hip pain and tried to help my muscles fire correctly and more efficiently and correct any muscle imbalances so I can ward off problems like this in the future. He also understood how important activity is to my daily life (I teach fitness classes for a living) and made every effort to help me stay as active as possible during this time. He also does a great job educating on HOW and WHY things work, instead of just telling you that they do.

Casey has a genuine passion for physical therapy and his clients and I cannot recommend him highly enough.