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Christine M.

Mar26th 2020

I was referred to Austin Manual Therapy by my orthapaedist after I had lateral meniscus repair. I’ve been seeing David at AMTA, twice a week for the first couple of weeks, and now just once a week since I’m progressing well.

I was really impressed with how David didn’t concentrate just on the knee itself, but on my hip and ankle motion and how that contributes to ongoing knee problems. I have bunions, flat feet, and am slightly knock-kneed, and all of this contributes to me overpronating and effing up my knees. We worked on knee mobility and strengthening of course, but we’ve also worked on hip and foot arch exercises to protect me from having knee problems in the future.

As others have noted, they do have overlapping appointments here (hour-long appointments, but new patients arriving each half hour), but that’s never been a detriment to my therapy. David spends the first few minutes of our hour doing mobility manipulation on my knee, then we work through a few exercises. Typically he shows me an exercise and has me work on it for a few minutes while he’s helping his other patient. It works quite smoothly and keeps the therapists busy.