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Valerie T.

Apr3rd 2020

I cannot say enough good things about this place. They are professionals that treat you like family and work hard to get you feeling great again. They are smart, compassionate and motivating – this team never stops amazing me with their talent, innovation, and success. You can see it in their eyes and know that in their hearts they are going to help you be the best version of you that you can possibly be.

I feel so lucky that this team, and especially my therapist Jackie, helps me crush it each and every appointment and provides me with the tools to keep moving ahead in between visits. She knew that I get back long before I ever did and that is part of her incredible talent. Her confidence in you makes you feel unstoppable and builds your confidence to keep pushing ahead.

You can’t help but feel confident knowing that this amazing sqaud will be there to help you succeed and will never let you fail. If you are looking for a partner and best in class team to help you rehab post surgery, injury or to relieve chronic pain – look no further than the rockstars at Austin Manual Therapy Associates.

From the moment you walk in and meet their welcoming front desk staff (#TeamAwesome) you will know that you have found your tribe and will never look elsewhere. More importantly, you will never look back. These are the experts you want in your corner to achieve all of your goals including the ones they help you create and the goals you didn’t even know you wanted. Why are you still reading this? Call them now