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We strive to deliver the best personalized care to every individual, every visit, to eliminate the source of your pain, not just the symptoms, without addictive pain medications, injections, or unnecessary surgery.

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What We Treat

Physical Therapy

Back Pain

Restore your spine's natural balance with personalized treatments designed to alleviate discomfort and enhance mobility.

Neck Pain

Combining evidence-based techniques to address the root causes, we'll help you turn your neck with ease and freedom once again.

Shoulder Pain

From rotator cuff injuries to everyday strains, our targeted therapy ensures a swift return to pain-free shoulder movements.

Hip Pain

Unlock a wider range of motion and stride with confidence as we tackle hip discomforts from both acute injuries and chronic conditions.

Knee Pain

Reclaim the joy of every step with our tailored therapies that address knee discomfort and prevent future ailments.

Foot & Ankle Pain

Step forward without hesitation; our treatments are designed to get you back on your feet, pain-free.

Hip Pain

Navigate daily life with renewed ease; our specialized treatments address the complexities of pelvic discomfort, ensuring stability and relief.

Post-surgical Rehab

Transition smoothly from surgery to normalcy with our expert-guided rehabilitation tailored to your specific needs.


Welcome to Austin Manual Therapy Associates

We welcome you to Austin Manual Therapy Associates! Your choice for physical therapy in Austin, TX. Located in the heart of Austin, Austin Manual Therapy Associates combines state-of-the-art technology with gentle care to provide patients with the best physical therapy services possible. We understand that you need experienced professionals you can trust - people a lot like you. And that’s what our practice is about. We’re your neighbors. As a leading physical therapist(s) in Austin, we are dedicated to helping our patients restore physical function, regain mobility and maintain good physical health.



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