Austin Manual Therapy Associates

Our Team

Dan Cole, PT, DPT, CSCS

A little bit about Dan:

I was introduced to physical therapy in the world of pediatrics and volunteering with children with unique needs. It was amazing to see the impact someone could make not only on the patient but on their family as well. From there I moved into the military health care system and saw again the benefits of what physical therapists do keeping soldiers ready for whatever mission they need to accomplish, whether that is at home or overseas. From there, I followed my own interest of the human movement system and its relationship to weightlifting and bodybuilding, specifically how to stay injury free and how the human body works and becomes stronger.
How did you discover the benefits of physical therapy?
In addition to my undergraduate degree, I have studied strength and conditioning, working with athletes on programing both in season and off season. Through physical therapy school, I worked in an orthopedic manual therapy clinic, in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital focusing on rehabilitating people with neurologic-based impairments, and with athletes from the high school level up to the semi-professional level.
What is your favorite part about being a Physical Therapist?
My absolute favorite part about our profession revolves around the concepts of humans helping other humans. There is nothing like having extensive understanding about the human body, sitting down with someone who is looking for guidance to improve their life, and being able to help them meet their goals with, simply, your own hands and knowledge. In addition, every day is different with its own challenges. Problem solving and helping people are my two favorite things to do.
What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I focus heavily on personal development. Whether that is lifting weights in the gym, reading the newest book on leadership, or building a better relationships with my friends, everything is tied to working towards something that will make life better and experiencing new adventures. Additionally, I love spending time traveling to different countries, eating good food, and taking my two goldendoodles, Luke and Luna, to the dog park or on a hike.