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Pre-Surgical Rehab

If You’re In Need of Surgery, Physical Therapy Can Help You Prepare

Reduce Your Recovery Time with Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy!

Do you have a surgical operation planned in the near future? It is natural to be a little worried about how well the surgery will go or how long your recovery period may be. Many people participate in physical therapy treatments after surgery as part of their recovery plan, which is undeniably helpful for the healing process. However, there are also several benefits to completing a pre-surgical rehabilitation plan.

What is Pre-hab?

Pre-surgical rehabilitation, also referred to as pre-hab, is becoming an increasingly recommended practice by surgeons, as it can improve the outcomes for their patients. Studies have shown that beginning physical therapy a month or so before surgery can significantly speed up your recovery time.
It is no secret that the preparation for surgery can leave you feeling anxious, but a pre-hab program may be able to put your mind at ease. A pre-surgical rehabilitation plan will help you get physically and mentally prepared for your upcoming procedure.

How will pre-hab help me?

Starting a pre-hab program also means you’ll be able to establish a positive training routine that you will already be accustomed to before your surgery, and that you can take into your recovery for a better outcome. Pre-surgical rehabilitation has been known to provide a number of benefits for surgical patients.

By consulting with one of our Austin, TX physical therapists, you can find out what treatment plan will be best for you to achieve optimum results. When you are as strong, flexible, and healthy as possible, you are able to regain normal function much quicker, following surgery.

What are the benefits of pre-hab?

Surgery can take a traumatic toll on your body; therefore, it is typically only performed when there are no other options available. According to the National Institutes of Health, participating in exercise therapies prior to surgery can exceptionally improve your post-operative outcomes and reduce your recovery time.
Pre-hab helps improve strength and promote pain relief before surgery, as it prepares your body for the procedure. It can also help you prepare mentally, by encouraging an overall sense of well-being.
Pre-hab helps to improve your range of motion and patterns of movement with exercises that you can perform before and after your surgery, in order to speed up your recovery time. In general, physical therapy will assist you in improving your physical health and promoting general wellness.

6 reasons to consider pre-hab

There are six key aspects to pre-surgical rehabilitation and how it can help you be successful:

1. Shortens recovery

By completing a pre-hab program before your surgery, your recovery should go much smoother than it would without physical therapy treatments. Having strong and toned muscles before surgery helps you get back to your regular routine much quicker.

2. Improves outcomes

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) states that pre-hab can improve the overall outcomes of surgery, and can even help in saving money if everything goes smoothly. The stronger you are before the surgery, the more likely the surgery will be successful.

3. Reduces complications

Physical therapy treatments, especially those incorporating exercise programs, can help increase your strength and endurance. As a result, this can improve your immunity, meaning that the chance of infection after surgery will be much less likely.

4. Reduces pain

No matter what your surgery may be for, our physical therapist can help reduce your pain through pre-hab. This can be done through a variety of methods, including exercise, massage, or ice and heat therapies.

5. Increases stamina

Whatever surgery you may need, there will always be a loss of strength following the procedure. However, pre-hab can help in reducing how much strength is lost by increasing your stamina before the operation. Engaging in a physical routine before surgery will improve your overall stamina and make the surgery much easier.

6. Gives the possibility of avoiding surgery

If your pre-hab treatments work well in improving your pain and overall condition, it may be possible to avoid surgery altogether. While it is not always common, some patients found that their pre-hab treatments did wonders, and were sufficient enough in reducing their pain that they canceled their procedure. If your condition begins to improve considerably after starting physical therapy, you’ll want to consult with your physician regarding future treatment options and the possibility of avoiding surgery.

Get started with pre-hab today!

Our Austin, TX physical therapy practice is dedicated to providing you with the best treatment options available. If you are planning on having surgery, start a pre-hab program as soon as possible for the best outcome. Request your appointment today at Austin Manual Therapy Associates in Austin, TX to prepare for an easier procedure and recovery period.



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