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Who We Serve

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Are you trying to stay healthy/fit but can’t because an injury is impacting your ability to exercise? Is an injury stopping you from participating in activities you love like working out, running, CrossFit, or playing basketball? Have you been dealing with a chronic injury that just hasn’t gone away? Have you seen other medical providers in the past with no long lasting changes?

Does This Sound Like You?

We focus on solving these problems with our clients. Our goal is to help you stay active in whatever type of training or sport you chose. Life is a lot more fun when you’re pain free and doing the things you love. You being fit and healthy is also the best way to enjoy time with your friends and family. We help you live the high performance, pain-free life you deserve.

Who We Serve

Active Adults

Who just needs a little help (or a lot of help!) getting back to the activities they love after an injury or set-back.


Who want to safely increase their mileage while reducing the aches and pains, as well as lower their risk for injury.

Busy Professionals

Who need to keep their bodies performing at their best, without painkillers or visits to the GP.


Who want to continue pushing their limits, but are being held back by an injury or pain.

Lifters/Gym Enthusiasts

Who don’t want their pain and stiffness to interfere with their training goals and are tired of being told to “just stop lifting” or working out.

Active Women

Who have poured all their energy and love into their children, who have now grown, and want to enjoy this next phase of their life with their spouse without being slowed down by aging.

Busy New Moms

Who are struggling with feeling confident in their body and confused about how to start exercising again so they can get back to healthy activity.

Active Parents

Who know playing with their children is a lot easier and more enjoyable if they’re in less pain.

Active Grandparents

Who want to keep walking with friends, playing golf, or spending time with the family, without relying on painkillers and surgeries.

What Makes Austin Manual Therapy Different?

1-on-1 Sessions

1-on-1 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for a full hour, every visit

In order to guarantee that you receive the utmost quality of care, each session will provide you with a dedicated one-hour treatment from your assigned doctor of physical therapy, tailored specifically to your needs. You will always be under the direct care of your physical therapist, and there will be no involvement of rehabilitation aids or assistants during your sessions.


24-hour response time

Our commitment to your complete rehabilitation journey is unwavering. Throughout your recovery process and even between scheduled visits, you’ll have direct access to your physical therapist for any questions or concerns you may have.

Holistic Care

You're more than a diagnosis or injury

We adopt a holistic approach to body treatment. With our comprehensive training and vast experience, we recognize that the source of your pain may not necessarily align with the root cause of your discomfort. Moreover, our goal is to pinpoint and address any areas of weakness to fortify the entire body, reducing the risk of future injuries.

Cost Transparency

You'll never get a bill from us months after your visit

Many physical therapy clinics will send out a bill months after your rehabilitation is complete. You will never be surprised by a bill you were not anticipating.


We understand the demands of your life and/or sport

As physical therapists, we practice what we preach. We’re passionate about staying active and participating in a wide range of activities and sports ourselves, so we understand the importance of not giving up on what you love due to an injury.

Rather than advising you to stop, we draw from our own experiences to find innovative solutions and modifications that allow you to continue your desired activities while undergoing rehabilitation. We firmly believe that avoiding the things you enjoy most because of an injury is no way to live. Our mission is to help you recover and thrive, keeping you engaged in the activities that bring you joy.

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