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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Now Get Out There and Exercise!

Ah 2018, we will miss you! You were fun, stressful, exciting, scary and all of the other adjectives wrapped into 365 days of pure madness! Alas you are gone and a New Year is here! And with that comes new opportunities to grow and change. Most of us use the beginning of the year to reset and reflect. That includes reflecting on our health. The holidays can be brutal on the waistline and on our bodies in general. Just think about it. Once Halloween hits, it’s non stop until after the ball drops on the 1st of January. Traveling, taking kiddos to their extracurricular functions, attending company parties, etc… It’s all so much. It can wear on you can’t it? Of course it can, both physically and mentally.

Take a look at this infographic borrowed from Jeremy Lewis, Consultant physiotherapist at the London Shoulder Clinic.

We will always advocate for some form of exercise for our patients because of the great benefits of taking care of your body and mind. But caution yourselves. The new year is replete with newly signed members to gyms across America that only last up until February 14th (chocolates and champagne can really throw it all off). Doing too much too soon can lead to injury and that’s why we are here; to help guide you in your newfound journey of exercise for the new year (and the next one, the one after that… you get the gist).

So what are your goals for this new year? Hopefully EXERCISE is at the top of the list but remember a few key points going into it:

  • Start off SLOW – There is no rush. Take your time to do it right the first time. Teach your body the proper way to do certain things and you could save yourself some agony on the back end.
  • Stay Consistent – This is one of the hardest ones but NO EXER-CUSES! The results will pay off you just have to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • You Aren’t 21 Anymore (Unless you truly are 21) – Think functional use when you put your body through the paces. Starting your new journey at 40 years of age with a 20 year old mindset may not yield the results you want.
  • You Can Still Work Out When You Are Injured – We can help you manage your signs and symptoms while still working towards your goals.
  • Keep Your Goals and Expectations Reasonable – This way you aren’t hung up on something unattainable. Instead of trying to hit home runs all of the time, go hit some doubles or triples! The ultimate goal is to WIN THE GAME!
  • Trust Your Therapist – We are the Experts in the field! We understand and continue to learn more about optimizing human movement and performance, as well as pain science. And YOUR health and well being are the reason we are fully committed to this profession. This will be a TEAM effort and you would probably want the best teammates on your side. Remember, the ultimate goal is to WIN THE GAME!

This year will be EPIC! Kick it off the right way. If you have any questions, ask us. If you feel like you need some help with mobility issues or if you are having pain that is scaring you from wanting to try any exercise program, call us. We will be a valuable asset on your healthcare team.



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