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How to Relieve Ankle Pain and Strains Naturally

Are you struggling to figure out why your ankle sprain is lingering, and now your foot is hurting too? At Austin Manual Therapy, our therapists specialize in treating foot and ankle problems. We will get to the root of your concerns and give you the tools to resolve your condition and get back on your feet without worrying about the pain!

While many factors can lead to foot and ankle pain, there is no way to separate one from the other. Ankle sprains are very common, especially in sports. Many people don’t realize that injuring the ankle directly affects the foot’s function. In fact, one of the most common complications of an ankle sprain is ineffectively addressing the motion of the joint below the ankle joint.

It is also possible for the reverse situation to happen. Meaning pain or an injury to the joints of the foot can limit the ankle’s function resulting in pain and even an injury. Unfortunately, even if your pain subsides, dysfunction may still be present and lead to re-injury or chronic pain.

At Austin Manual Therapy, our physical therapists understand the interconnectedness of the ankle and foot. They can help you identify the source of your problems and provide clear instructions and proven treatments to resolve them once and for all!

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Is my pain from my ankle, my foot, or both?

Our body consists of an intricate and interconnected web of connective tissue, muscles, joints, and nerves. The foot and ankle depend on one another to function correctly and allow the body to perform miraculous functions like walking, running, and jumping.

If one part is injured, restricted, or breaks down for any reason, it will undoubtedly affect the rest of the body. Our physical therapists are skilled at identifying seemingly unrelated problems that may contribute to or cause your primary complaint.

Too often, people assume that where they feel their symptoms are also the site of their problem. When it comes to the ankle and foot, a joint in one region that is not working correctly either because of mobility or weakness will often restrict function in the whole foot/ankle complex and even up the leg resulting in pain in the hip and knee.

It is not always easy to pinpoint the source of the problem, and even more often, there isn’t a single issue but complex, interconnected problems. Fortunately, our physical therapists can help you weed through your symptoms and identify all the factors that need to be addressed.

How to treat ankle pain and sprains with physical therapy

At your initial evaluation, our physical therapists will perform a thorough assessment that includes a detailed history and a hands-on evaluation of the injured area. This assessment will help your therapist classify the severity of the injury and identify all the factors impacting your condition.

We will use this information to develop a treatment plan to address your current situation. Foot and ankle pain treatment depends on where the injury happened and how long ago it occurred. It is also essential to thoroughly examine how all the joints are working and whether or not there are restrictions and weaknesses affecting your function.

The initial stages of physical therapy will focus on restoring any lost motion, reducing the swelling, and using all available treatments to alleviate any pain you may experience. Next, we will design a program to restore your proprioception, balance, and strength so you can take on everyday activities.

Our comprehensive program will also look for any changes in your gait pattern that may make it difficult for you to move around freely. Dysfunctional movement patterns can last for years and lead to re-injury and potentially other injuries.

Our physical therapists will show you therapeutic exercises to perform at home that address any underlying issue contributing to altered movement patterns, balance issues, and overall susceptibility to more injuries.

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For optimal results, it is best to consult with a physical therapist to gain access to the most advanced healing methods and avoid re-injury of the affected area.

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